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April 23, 2012


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Maybe the police were only partially right - maybe the a**icts needed the goods to buy food for their kids as they were too busy spending their own money on m*th.

As for our house, nothing as exciting as a fire....(though very thankful you are all okay)

3 lots of shopping (being indecisive and fussy)
5 loads of washing (followed by another when Lily fluff decided to wait until I changed the bedding to throw up all over it)
Lots of hoovering (according to Beautiful B's other half - which made me feel quite proud - sad I know)

Ribena's latest post....http://ribenamusings.blogspot.co.uk/


Sorry to hear about the weird weekend thing at your house. Thanks for no picture with #3.
I spent the weekend celebrating my 40th b'day. It was lots of fun. I tried to convince the family that we should celebrate for 40 days since it was my 40th, but they haven't agreed to that....yet;-)

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