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April 24, 2012


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Livin In Duckville

Mmmmmm... love those styrofoam-ish wafers but, only the vanilla ones. They are a favorite from my childhood. My favorite nasty junk food? Dessert... any dessert... for... ummmmm.... for dinner. My husband says that feeding the kids strawberry shortcake or banana splits for dinner (during a hot summer evening) does not constitute as dinner. I told him that I had raised 3 kids (one who is 21 & 6'3") who occasionally get dessert for dinner & I haven't killed them by doing that yet. We've also had popcorn for dinner - but I figure except for the loads of butter & salt that it's relatively healthy... lol


Is bacon nasty junk food?

I always tell people, "If there were one food in the world that I wish was good for you, it would be bacon." I could eat a pound of that in one sitting if I didn't control myself.

Donuts run a very close second. :)


Favorite nasty junk food-so many to choose from, anything salty makes me happy but sadly I must confess to enjoying cheese in a can. Gross, I know and its only rarely, not even once a year.

Cary G.

Right there with you my little peeps. I LOVE styrofoam wafers!


Too funny! I love them too... and now that she mentioned styrofoam, I will never look at them any other way. Ha! I agree with her!


Those cookies remind me of my Grandma as she always had them at her house as a treat for me. No one else I know likes them at all (my kids were not interested after one bite) but I still love them!

Tami Sickels

I've never seen these cookies but my favorite junk food is marshmallow creme. So yummy yet so gross. I especially like it with a Hershey's chocolate bar and graham crackers, like Smores without the fire.

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