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April 17, 2012


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Welcome back! :)


Hello and welcome back!

Livin In Duckville

I have to say, I have missed you. Your blog is one of the first that I ever started reading and subscribed to. I love hearing about your life - your ups & downs, trials & tribulations. I don't care if it's funny or not, I just like what you have to say. So, I'm glad that you're going to try again. I can't wait. :-)


I'm pretty sure I've never commented before, but I was a faithful reader for a long, long time. Welcome back!

Jamie b

I've missed you too! So glad you are back. Can't wait to hear what all has been up with y'all. :)


I miss you! Hope this post is a sign of more to come!!!!


i hear ya, sister. sometimes life gets a little wacky like that. would you believe that i thought about you last time i walked by the toni & guy in dallas? (**insert creepy face**)

love ya, glad you're around...in whatever way works...and i'm going to be reviving my blog for some summer fun, too. i think;)


I've missed you too! Glad to see you back!


I was very tickled to see a post pop up in my Google reader. Welcome back!


I've missed you and have been wondering how you are doing. So glad to see your post.


Yours was one of my first blogs to subscribe to as well! Glad to see you back!


Welcome back! Bring on the good, the bad and the ugly ;0)


Yay! (does a little happy dance) you're back! you've been missed!


Fantastic to have you back! I check your blog every day to see if you have posted.

Yours was the first I read and I enjoyed it that much I spent days reading your archive.

I love all your posts funny or serious. You wear your heart on your sleeve and that is why I love you so much.

Looking forward to hearing from you again.


Glad you are back! I know how darkness can steal words... praying you will find them again no matter what your heart needs to write.


well.. HELLLOOOOO sweet friend!!! i, too, just did a little happy dance seeing this post.. :)


Transparency and reality are two of the best things that we can offer one another. Miss ya.

Headless Mom

Please do what you love. I miss you.

Tater Mama

Oh, I was hoping you'd come back! That's why I never took you off my google reader list!!

Yay for us!

Leslie Maddox

Just yesterday I thought of your blog and was wondering how you were doing! Feel free to be honest. It gives permission for the rest of us to do the same. But it's ok to keep your private feelings private, too.


So excited to see this pop up in my google reader!


So happy to see you back... welcome back to bloggityville... :)


I refused to delete you from my reader...I was waiting and hoping.

Missed you!


You are in my reader. Welcome back!

Mandy B

You inspire us with your honesty and sincerity. Thanks for coming back. You're good for us, too!

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