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January 06, 2012


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Livin In Duckville

Ewww! I hate that smell... I do still live in the country & occasionally end up down wind from a field that has just been 'fertilized', I don't like sprayed on poop. Gross! The first time we ever experienced that was when we were kids & a pig farm was the next road over across a HUGE expanse of field & they were 'dumping' their pond (aka the 'poop pond') and they were spraying it up a huge hose & out into the field... the wind was quite strong that day & it was blowing the spray clear to our house... needless to say ALL the clothes on the line needed to be rewashed.

I feel your pain.

Glad to 'hear' from you again. You have been missed.


Oh, how I laughed! I have lived in the country all my life, and yes, that is about the worst smell EVER! I'm 37, and you never get "used" to it! Where I live, we grow a lot of cotton, and the defoliant they spray on it runs a close second, but nothing is as bad as chicken litter!

Melanie Harrington

I completely understand your pain. We spent several days at my grandmother's at Thanksgiving and every field around her home had just been "treated". My poor son and nephews had to camp in the back yard for lack of space in the house. But then again they are teens and used to smelling funky!


So sorry. That is an awful smell. Blech. Had to laugh at the "bad combo of sweaty feet and poop" yes, like there would be a good one.

Tina Woodcock

Urge! Living in a town I often hanker after a move to the country but I screw my nose up when we drive through the country so I am sure that I would not have coped as well as you did. Having a really sensitive nose (and the size to go with it) I can't even cope with the drain cleaning I insist is done at least once a year. Hubby and my dad deserve a medal for helping me out in that arena.


This cracked me up so much! Saw you were following me on Twitter and clicked over. Hi there! (waving)

Mari Taylor

I'd so be tempted to move. But then again, if it's once a year...Maybe you can take vacation that week :)


I hadn't checked in a while, and am glad to see you're back!

We lived on the very edge of a small town in the U.S., directly across the street from some fields that was fertilized several times a year. Ewwww! is right.

But it reminds me of a story my husband told me years ago about a pig farmer walking into the place where he worked, and the receptionist wrinkling up her nose and asking "What's that smell?" to which the farmer grinned and replied, "Honey, that's the smell of money!" Hahahaha

It's all a matter of perspective :)

Mandy C

Oh my........my husband and I always talk about living on a farm and moving out into the country.......and then the reality of it all sets in and we think we have it pretty good where we are :) We partake in other people's hard work - beef from a local, organic farmer, milk straight from the cow from another, we work on another farm for produce 3-4 months of the year......it's the perfect balance for us :) We only have to smell the smell wee bits of the time.

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