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March 10, 2011


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Leslie Maddox

My parents could translate for you. We're Puerto Rican, but I'm definitely more of an English speaker. My mother even went to Guatemala with me once and served as a translator for me and a group from another church.


Let me know. I speak and write Spanish.


Sadly, no habla espanol...see I can't even spell it!


have you tried the english to spanish translation http://translation.babylon.com/english/to-spanish/ i've used it at school and it worked pretty good. hope this helps!!!


I am excited for you!!!

Dawn W

Google translate is better than most online translators, if you don't find a real, live person to do it for you. Happy for you!!!


My son has taken 2 yrs of Spanish and might be able to help...if you still need the help just call us!


Add us to your list for future projects. I'm not so hot (yet) but my hubby is bilingual and has done quite a bit of translation work in the past. He's kinda slow but thorough :) We'd be happy to help.

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