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February 18, 2011


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Thank you for your words of hope...much needed! I am being reminded lately that He is working even when we can't see it..or feel it...

Headless Mom

I love you. For this, and other stuff too, but your hope and faith is such a great example to me.

And LaP is DARLING!!!


Thanks for reminding me there is hope, I needed to hear that right now! God Bless!

Sue B.

Amen & Amen..... There was a situation that I was a part of here that was bad.... God promised me that He would take care of things... in 7 years (in Isaiah)... In 7 years the 'mighty fell'.... I just held onto His promise.... You WILL bring LaP home in His time...


Yes, my friend. Praying with you, for changed hearts and minds!


This is so transparent and honest. Thank you so much for sharing your heart.

Shelia B.

When you first shared about LaP, I think I mentioned that we were in the process of adopting from China. This November was to be a 4 year wait anniversary but sometime this spring or summer, I totally gave it over to God (much the same as you mention here). I had been doubting too and basically given up. In January, we brought home the daughter we have been waiting for. And received some unexpected windfalls to help pay for it. And got to move the closest we've ever been to family. All of which I had been praying for and doubting about. God may just be waiting for you to give in and let Him show off. He sure did for us!

Shelia B.

By the way, I meant that as encouraging since it sounds like you're in that place already.


B...thanks for the blessing. I don't think you have any idea how many lives you touch and bless..just want you to know that.

Your mother

Thanks for the encouragement. You ARE a blessing to more people than you realize.
Praying for your family, which also includes LaP.


I still have my bracelet that the Princess made me and think of LaP daily. Thank you for being so open to share LaP with us. With God everything is possible.

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