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April 28, 2010


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Awesome. God is getting so much glory from this. This may have been a hard post to type but it was the best. I love hearing all the details about people we have been praying for and have never met. We have been praying for y'all ever since The Princess mailed out the LaP bracelets. Your family and your faith are an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your heart and your life.

Kelly @ Love Well

Oh, I LOVE this installment, B. I love being reminded of God's blessings even - especially - in the darkness. I love hearing what you learned. I love God's unexplainable peace in the midst of the unthinkable.

Go God.


Your faith is A.MA.ZING.

Wow - just wow - that you would both come to the same conclusions and that, faced with the news of the more complicated procedure, you would rejoice.

Thank you - over and over again - for sharing this story that is heart-wrenching and glorifying God at the same time.


Girl, you've got the faith, that's for sure!

I love where you wrote the following, ('cause our life's going through it's own set of crisis'):

"One of the greatest lessons that I learned through this...most especially on this night before surgery...was that if I believe that God is in the middle of the good, then I have to believe He is also in the middle of the bad.

You can't pick and choose when He is Lord of your life. He is or He isn't."

God bless your whole family!!! (All 4 of you!)

Tonggu Momma

Loved this post, B. What a reminder for all of us.


Have I mentioned that I love your faith? It's amazing! Inspiring! LOVE it! Thanks SO much for sharing!

Jen Laspe

Your faith is amazing!!!!


"I was thinking Woo Hoo!! Bring it on!!" -My smile is so big, it hurts!!

Lindsay @ Bytes of Memory

What an awesome moment that must have been when you realized just a small part of what God has in store for you guys!


Pretty sure you shouldn't have left it with the King living "big" :)


I pray for such faith. Thank you.

Kristin Stratos

You have such an awesome testimony, can't wait to read the next installment. You better get your adrenaline pumping to keep up with the King!

Capri Kel

"You can't pick and choose when He is Lord of your life. He is or He isn't."

That's my favorite line.


it makes perfect sense. In a somewhat unrelated comment, I just read The Good Nearby--read it! It's fiction but talks about being the good nearby, whether you change the world or just your little segment of it. I think you might be living your good nearby right now.


God is so awesome!! I love that you are sharing the journey with us. Your faith is so strong. What an example you and The King are to all of us!! Blessings my friend.

Beachy Mimi

Even though I know all this, I still am loving reading about it. Get ready to sky-dive...I'm just sayin...

Sara Bowyer

praying today that everything is ok. I noticed you hadn't posted #14 and it's been a while. I have loved reading how God worked through and in this trial. Am still praying for you as your hubby and your family recovers.


Ditto the above. Hope all is well and looking forward to #14.


Hope all is well and that you are just busy loving your family! Waiting - very patiently - to 'hear' how this ends :)


So, is this the official "cliffhanger" post? Where are you Queen? Missing you & hoping everyone at the palace is well.

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