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June 17, 2009


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I've always been told that "if you want to see God laugh, make plans." :)


Well written and well said. My heart aches for the Carneys as we face similar challenge.


The thing that smacked me upside the head was "true character is seen when disappointment arrives." So true. (and convicting.) I'll be praying for the Carney's.

Kelly @ Love Well

That's a tough blow. And you're right -- true character is shown when the tough times hit.

Praying for everyone in this situation right now.


You are absolutely right that God replenishes the storehouses! If He wants you to give, then He will provide the funds. In January we upped our support of some friends from $30 monthly to $160 because they had lost one of their major supporters. While our savings account isn't quite as large as we might like, all of our needs have been abundantly met!

Capri Kel

I like your statement that our timeline is NOT God's timeline. If more people could realize that, there would be a lot less upheaval!


I loved reading the lessons God is teaching you. Beth Moore says,"It's easier to learn the hard lessons through someone else, than to have to experience the pain ourselves..."
That makes me think it's so important to take the lessons learned by others to heart for ourselves too!
We're adding the Carney's to our prayer list.


Man, I was struggling with this today as I was praying about a local missionary couple that are home from Japan due to financial reasons. When we can't see His hands, we can trust His heart. THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing these hard lessons!

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