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April 02, 2009


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This is hilarious. The same thing happened to us last night at Sonic in Mountain View AR, except it was about adding cheese and mustard to a jr. deluxe burger. You have never seen such frustration on a man's face because he has just spent 8 minutes talking back and forth to the sonic lady over the speaker about adding mustard and cheese to a burger. Needless to say, he won. Mustard and cheese were both on the burger when we finally got it,(although they made him call it a jr. cheeseburger something about not allowing mustard and cheese anymore on the DELUXE burger?)lol


i thought she was going to say april fools after all that. crazy!

Just me

Good for the King! I'm a big fan of calling "the boss" when necessary. I also love that he told the woman to cancel the whole order.

Customer service is so lacking lately. I'm guessing Sonic is a franchise, so going to one over the other supports the one with better customer service.

So excellent.


He didn't take the coupons!

I love the reasoning of some places, losing money by taking off the sausage...

We now have a Sonic sort of by us...still haven't gone yet. But I am glad you did get your fix!


Do you think it's like the cell phone commercials where the speaker cut out when she said "April Fools!"? Or maybe it would've added weight to their trash bin which in turn would've cost them more garbage fees???? (completely sarcastic there) Hmmmmm????? I am glad you went to another sonic. I always fear what happens to the food when there's tension in the air!! :)

Amy @ By His Grace

Ummmm...sounds to me like the "Sonic Girl" or SG as I'm going to call her, does not understand addition and subtraction when it pertains to items you are selling at a set price. I wonder how long SG will be working...glad you got your fix!


I'm hungry.

I Can always count on you to give me a good laugh! Would love to take you to lunch to hear about your trip? Would also like the Princess to talk about it with my daughter...I really want to go! M.Cook


LOL! I love it.
Reminds me of the time I was at McDonald's and wanted a medium sweet tea for my son. I couldn't get a medium sweet tea because they didn't have cups for that. I had to get a large sweet tea. Hmmm...that's strange...I COULD get a medium diet coke. Wouldn't a medium sweet tea fit into the same cup as a medium diet coke? Crazy! :)

Bethany Ellis

Wow!! BTW, I get it the same way as the Princess :)


Oh, my. That's just ridiculous. Besides, even if they DID replace the sausage with egg, it would still be cheaper than leaving the sausage in.


Hysterical! Love that he cancelled the entire order - awesome! My kids' fave is Chick-Fil-A, and I do have a favorite location because of better customer service and kid-friendliness. I also have a 2nd favorite (which has no playground!) and 3rd favorite - all are different franchisees....


He didn't take the coupons?

Glad you got your Sonic! Thanks for the laugh this morning!

rachel@just another day in paradise

OK, what is the sausage made from that it is cheaper than the egg? (Scary thought.)

I have to drive 10 miles over to go to the "good" Sonic. Otherwise, you might get into an argument with the sonic staff, get the wrong food and/or get food poisoning. Amazing how much difference a few miles can make!

Headless Mom

Oh B! That is funny!!!

Kara @ Me-Moddy

Hilarious and crazy! Go King!! But Boo on turning down those free coupons! :-) A girl would never do that!


That SO could have played out with Pink names as a variation...only RedDaddy would NEVER let a coupon go. I've trained him well ;)

I, too, was expecting an April Fool's in the end.


Reminds me of an old joke: Man goes to the drive-thru, tells the speaker box he has $5 and to please give him whatever the h**l they want him to have. He hears back through the speaker, "I'm sorry sir, we can't do that." Man replies, "Well, why not? You did yesterday!"

Sonic Diet cokes are my favorite too. However, those kids on skates (at least in our neck of the woods) never seem to know how to count out change. So sad.


Thank goodness we live where there are multiple Sonic locations. I could not live without my Sonic Diet Coke fix. Glad you're back.

Lindsay @ bytesofmemory

lol o my goodness! I love that he called the head office! Glad you got it with out Sausage :-) I ate Sonic for the first time about 3 weeks ago :-)


This is EXACTLY why I love the palace.


I guess we should have called Starbucks when they ran out of coffee. Yup. Just a regular cup of coffee - they did not have any!

Good for the King and his persistence.


This could have SO happened in this family, except it would have been the QUEEN and not the King who went to the top. BUT I would NOT have refused the coupon offer! :)
And, yes, I, too, have noticed the difference in customer service, or lack there of, at different Sonic locations.

Happy Geek

That's me hitting the king for not taking the coupons.
It's been 6 years since we left Texas. 6 years since Sonic.
I'm gonna go cry now.


What kind of crazy person turns down Sonic coupons???

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