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February 16, 2009


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I agree that God is bigger then anything. But he needs you and your family, and your friends to help him succeed. Your fears are understandable. Embrace them. It's all part of Gods plan. And if you can't embrace them, get a prescription. Those happy pills will help to get you through.

Capri Kel

God is bigger than
The air I breath
The world we'll leave
God will save the day
And all will say
My Glorious
And all you ever do
Is change the old to new
People we believe that.
Chris Tomlin W/Passion

Oh yes, He is a BIG G God!


I once heard it said, "The only thing comprehensible about God is how incomprehensible He is." :)

I have your trip and the orphanage in Guatemala on my prayer list, and I'll keep praying... that He will continue to fill you with His peace and hope in the midst of very real fears.

Dana Jones

It is always good for us to see with perspective, but also to remember:

He counted every hair on your head, too!

Amy @ By His Grace

WOW! What an amazing post! I know that God has great things in store for you and your family and I can't wait to read it here. God will protect, God will guide, God will love.


Thanks for the reminder. It is an awesome thing to come face to face with the living God. It reminds me of that verse in Hebrews:

Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful, and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe, for our "God is a consuming fire." Heb 12:28-29


This is just awesome. I just can't wait to hear all that God teaches me through your trip to Guautemala. Keep sharing! God is so good isn't He!

Dawn W

Wow. Don't ya just love it/hate it when God puts everything in proper perspective???



Tears...looking forward to hearing more of your story...


He sure is and I have seen it myself over the last week....personally and through friends who lost their home to a house fire.

Reminds me of this childhood song:

My God is SO BIG
So strong and so mighty
There's nothing my God cannot do!


As always you said it all so well.
I can hardly wait to see what miracles He will choose to show you and your fam while you're there...
God Bless you Queenie.


Love your blog - so glad your going. God has big things in store for your family.

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