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September 16, 2008


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this was my Twilight experience too. (hate the fourth book- if you continue) I read it reluctantly, and couldn't set it down until several hours later. In fact every book (but the fourth one) went like that.

And I think she is NOT a great writer... BUT something about Edward, and the relationships she writes, is wonderful...

And snow sounds great... going in for a celeb cut and finding out you already had it (pre-celeb) is pretty liberating... Technically, Katie has YOUR cut.


Congrats on the hair! The lady that did mine was the same...somewhat questionable. She took a great interest and concentration on my hair which should have been a good thing but...it kinda creeped me out. I still haven't written my hair blog. lol One day I will get around to it.

Capri K

Excuse my ignorance, what is a HOV?

Our youngest daughter is a fan of the Twilight books as well. She can hardly wait until the movie comes out in November. Even though she didn't think the guy they picked to be Edward was how she pictured him to be.

The Roost

Love the purple cords! You will look so hip in those with your new/already had Katie haircut!
Your technology in the car is way too cool :)

Katrina (Callapidder Days)

Twilight is sitting on my shelf, waiting to (eventually) be read. I loved The Host by the same author, but am (for some reason) dragging my feet on Twilight.


I just finally posted my Twilight review yesterday. I agree completely. I'm another one that has no idea what the HOV lane is.


The wonders of modern technology!
My Twilight arrived yesterday, so I'll start it as soon as I finish Flying Changes.

Glad you are home safe and with good hair!


Yeah for Snow! So glad that you took the chance and saw her. Very cool.

My husband giggles in the HOV lanes too, so you are not alone there. Rarely do we go anywhere during rush hour, but man they are fabulous.


We live in East Texas. Our families live north of Oklahoma City. This means that we are always driving through Dallas during peak traffic when we go to visit our families on the weekend. WE LOVE THE HOV LANE!!! It was made for us! So glad your husband found the joy of the lane too!


Yes, yes, yes, the Twilight series is amazing. I finally started it just a week or so ago and am on the 3rd book. It's totally addicting!!!!!!!!!!! You must keep going!!!!!!

Kelly @ Love Well

I'm such an optimist, that I'll take anyone with an open appointment at my Aveda salon on the day I need to get it cut.

(And for the record, that's usually how it happens. TODAY! It must be cut TODAY!)

Glad Snow worked out. I was starting to get worried for you there.

Have fun cleaning out the fridge. That could be a post, right there.


oo the great fridge clean out.. never really look forward to that day! Glad Snow gave you a great cut... can't wait to see the picture! Did they give you any advice about it breaking?

I just picked up twilight after everyone said that you had to read it even if it wasn't your thing. Glad to hear you liked it.. you going to read the next one?


Sounds like your new haircut is just what you wanted. Sometimes change is good, even tho we are hesitant at first. Good luck cleaning out the fridge, today I had the pleasure of cleaning my 4 year old Granddaughter's room out. If you have time see my new post on How to clean a Kid's Room.

New Diva

Yeah for Snow...I mean the person of course because I am not ready for the real stuff thank you very much!

Have fun with the fridge and glad the power is back on!


I would have been freaking out over the switch on the hairdo lady, but it sounds like it was for the better. Ohhh, I so want to get my hair cut short. *nervous smile*

What is it about men and the HOV lane. Every time we go to Atlanta the hubby drives like Dale Earnhardt, Jr. in that lane?!

Vampire Books?! Books - Pictures = bleck.


Dawn W

I think I've taken the same road trip you're on now!

Can't wait to see the new cut!

Amy @ By His Grace

Is the fridge clean-out on my to-do list? LOL!


Yay haircut! Pics soon to follow!! Double yay!


Great post B. I bet the haircut is really cute! Ask your Mom about the HOV lane
on our last road trip!! Pretty funny!
Bet the fridge smelled wonderful.

Org Junkie

It has been so long for me to have a great haircut I forget what it's even like :(


Whew! You got lucky with Snow. A new hairdresser is a scary thought.
Glad you had a safe trip. Have fun with the fridge clean out. After you're done, will you come do mine?
Oh, and by the way, the Anthropologie pants are FANTASTIC. You have to find something to wear with them because they aren't allowed to hang unworn in the closet. It's a sin against humanity.


I am so far behind, that I'm embarrassed to comment, but that has never stopped me before...

a. Those purple cords are PHENOMENAL. I'm going to check them out...

b. just started twilight (along w/the rest of america). strangely compelling--can't put my finger on it, but onward i read

c. where is your hair chick in dallas? i STILL get my hair cut there when we visit and we haven't lived there for 6 years. i don't trust these people in colorado.

You rock, Queen!

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