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June 27, 2008


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Ooooooh, we could totally be related and not even know it. Doesn't it warm the cockles of your heart to see all those pretty green baskets up on that shelf? I tried to do something similar with my linen closet this week but miscalculated basket size and now my cupboard door won't close flush, LOL. Never mind - I'll use those baskets elsewhere and it will give me an excuse to buy more!

Awesome ideas and TONS of inspiration, thanks!


http://whisperofgrace.blogspot.com/ (encouragement and resources for the new Christian)


WOW. I better not let my Princess see all those baskets or there will be quite the basket-envy. We use a book shelf and bins from Target for our kids things and under the bed storage bins. I can't say they always use them without strong kind encouragement from me. But it's a good way to teach them how to organize things and learn that everything has a place. Right? I think so too.

Raising Country Kids

I'm trying not to be horribly envious that you have a separate playroom and closet for all the toys. But aside from that, I'm right there with you on the tubs and bins idea. I went so far as to print off labels for everything - including pictures so the kids who can't read don't have an excuse to not put things back properly.

Other moms ask how I can keep things organized with four kids, but I wonder how I could not keep it organized and still keep sane.

Straight Shooter

Wow. Wow! WOWZERS! I am impressed. And inspired once again! I love it when you do that...

Moriah (Please Pass the Salt)

Hey! I'm pretty new here. I had a laugh over the mental picture of a full-grown man playing video games in such a girly PRINCESS HAVEN!!! Now there's commitment to video gaming.


Oh, wow...would you please adopot me?! I could play in that room for days on end.
I love the mirrored shelves; what a GREAT idea! Also, though I couldn't see them very well, the curtains look like they, too, are fantastic...bright and shimmery.

We got the okie-dokie from our landlady to paint our house. She's buying the paint, but I get to pick the colors. How can you beat that deal!!


That is a room truly fit for a Princess! What a great space.

Beth (A Mom's Life)

What a wonderful playroom! I have grand plans (in my mind!) of doing something similar to our playroom but I doubt it will ever happen.


Beside the jealousy monster that is creeping up because you have a room for a playroom....

Love it! I am working on Boo's room, but it takes time and patience. Two things I don't have a lot of. lol

I love having the baskets to organize things. It makes it so much easier for a child to know what goes where.

Thanks for sharing it!


that's the most beautiful closet i've ever seen!


I totally agree on having a place to put things. We have bins, one for friends which is anything with 2 eyes and a nose, whether it's Shrek or Buzz Lightyear, one for Robots incl. transformers, another for cars, and another for the Flav of the month like Speedracer. Congrats on organizing. It feels sooooo good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Org Junkie

Wow what a FUN hangout room, love it! The closet is a thing of beauty, I like how you made space for the toybox even. So clever! And the green baskets, all lined up like that, now that's art :)

Thanks for sharing it with us!

susie harris

I came across your blog and I love it. You make me want to go clean my closets! What neat idea using baskets and bins.. I just may have to give it a whirl. I have so many small polly pockets and barbies and the list goes on and on... Thanks for the inspiration... Susie H~

Girl YOU have got it going on over there! Princess heaven!:) Don't ya just love The Organized Junkie!

Mama Belle

Well, aren't you just a design star! You daughter's room is super cute. Does it stay that clean or is that just for the sake of the pic?

The organizing bins and baskets are also nifty. You go, girl!

Kelly @ Love Well


Seriously. That's beautiful.

Good organization is next to Jesus in my heart.


OK, I cannot let my princesses see this room--they will die (and then beg in whiney voices to have a chandelier, etc.) :-)

We just moved to a house with a huge unfinished basement, so all of the princessy dress-up and dolls have a nice place of their own. Out of my living room....! It is so nice to keep the toys confined. Great job with all of the baskets and bins--I would die without mine.


I love the closet with all the bins. Where did you find those cool green bins? The Princess' room is very nice! It looks great!

Thea @ I'm a Drama Mama

That's a pretty cool playroom, wow! Great job!


Can you come organize my garage? We have the shelving but things are just thrown on them. Same thing with the hall closet. It is the catch all closet. I hate to open it. Things fall out.

Lynne - The Clarkin Family

What a super cute room! I love the paint swirls on the wall and the purple! Great job on organizing the closet! I LOVE the green baskets! They make the look uniform and complete! Don't you just love to go in and "look at it"? Enjoy! Thanks for sharing!


Amazing! I love the baskets and the swirls on the walls. Thanks for sharing!!!


Your playroom is so beautiful! I love how you've utilized the closet space. I have a huge room in the basement for the boys to play in and it just looks like a boring room in the basement... Time to get to work!


Wow what an awesome closet and wall display. Thanks for sharing.


I love your playroom!!!! Bins and baskets are great for Polly and such, I must say that my girls' room looks like the dollhouse and Barbies exploded right now-they are next on my cleaning list!

I may give the bulletin board idea a try as Christmas gifts for the girls this year. Thanks!

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