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June 10, 2008


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Au Contraire. I don't personally have IBS but am close to some who do. I'd love for them to try it so will send them over here to read about your bowels. Thanks for keepin it real:)


You are funny! No IBS around here, but thanks for sharing!

Bahama Mama

I was misdiagnosed with IBS for many years until I discovered that I actualy had celiac disease (which doctor's think is rare but it isn't). Have you been tested for gluten sensitivity?


Even though I knew this was coming, it didn't make this any easier to read.

But props on your solution, I'm glad you're feeling great! (And not bloated.)


No IBS, although I thought I did have it. Now we're on to treating diverticulitis...fun! Oh, yeah and lactose intolerance...fun, as well.
I, too, thank you for keepin' it real!

The Roost

What American doesn't have a little IBS with all our wonderful fast food habits! :I Good tip, Queen B.


And you scold your mother for discussing the "girls". I'm beginning to see a genetic trait.

Glad everything "worked out" for you! :)


From a girl who works in the medical field and who has experienced GI problems her entire life, I can sympathize with you. Worst experience ever was a nasty GI "bug" rearing its ugly head on my flight back from Japan. I thank the Lord continually that the really bad part of it did not start until, literally, 20 minutes after I walked through my door. If that had all started on the plane, oh my!!

I just may have to check out this Align product. Thanks for the tip.

autumn dahlia

I'm passing this along to one of my best friends. She's a poopin machine.

Lisa @ The PW

As a girl with GI issues - Can I tell you I'm laughing my fool head off? With you - not at you of course. I couldn't even imagine how you'd pull that post off and gosh darnity - it was perfection.

makes me think at some point we need to host a contest where people have to write posts about crazy things and see who can bring it...

cause girl, you brung it ! :)

Lisa @ The PW

I meant gosh darnit, not 'gosh darnity' but i kind of like it...lol

New Diva

Isn't it amazing the number of women that have IBS? Yes, you can include me, thanks for the reccomendation. Hope your next product is more fun! (for you I mean, not for us 'cause that was some funny stuff)


Remember your first ever email to me? Something along the lines of separated at birth??

IBS. NOT a fun way to lose 15 lbs.

Actually, a NUCCA chiropractor is REALLY helping me. After 9 years of "issues" - and multiple chiropractors, he's the first one to really HELP me.

But I'll be checking back with you because I want to know if it continues to work.

I might have to get me some of that...

Can you call your product review people and ask them if they need anyone to review Breast Augmentation?

'Cause I'd agree to that....


Someone's gotta talk about it -- might as well be the Queen B herself. You did a fine job discussing a situation no one really enjoys talking about. Thanks :0)



T. M. I.


Too funny! I like the site but I loved the review.


Great review. I have Colitis. I wonder if it will work for that. hmmm

Amy @ By His Grace

Oh my goodness gracious...one knows that I have "issues" as well, so I might be trying the ALIGN.


No IBS here. Thank God. We have enough to deal with as is thankyouverymuch.

I'm rolling about your first product review though. I mean, c'mon, surely there are some other PR firms out there who need product reviews right?

A new Canon product might come in handy right about now. Or, maybe Disney has a new resort that they need a good write up on.

Kelly @ Love Well

Wow. You start your career as a critic with IBS meds?

With that kind of luck, Viagra is next.


Hilarious post.
I can't think of a better person to discuss such a product.
I am quite thankful at this time that your camera is in the shop.


Funny post.

FYI, "Daily Probiotic Supplement" is the technical way to say it's a type of good bacteria - along the lines of acidophilus - which you take every day, and it's not intended to replace something in your diet, it is only in addition to, or "supplements," your normal diet.

I used to work in a vitamin store, so I know all sorts of fun things about vitamins and other "dietary supplements".

The good bacteria are supposed to balance your "intestinal flora," which can frequently be out of whack after antibiotics and other medications. But, as you found, by giving you good bacteria, it help the symptoms of IBS, too.


I absolutely adore your blog already and it is only my first day browsing through. Thanks to rocks in my dryer...I linked to your blog.
thanks for a Great laugh today!


I am not a grumpy person. I am a hip and fun girl who is usually over the top optimistic and perky.

Really. I really really am.

But, I always find your blog when I'm ridiculously grumpy and weepy. And, NOT in the mood to be cheered up.

That rarely happens.

So, I find your blog. I'm reading and almost smiling (because you're really cute and funny!), but refusing to crack a "for real" smile. I totally related to the gardening blog. TOTALLY. And, you definitely almost made me laugh when you asked us about if one side of the nose represented something or not.

Then I come to this IBS blog, and dang it! You made me giggle over poop! Seriously. I'm not a crude person. Well, I'm a "in the closet" kindof crude person. If you know what I mean.

Anyways, thanks for keeping it real, and allowing weirdo lurkers read your thoughts about your IBS.


I just found you from 90 West! THIS WAS HYSTERICAL! I WILL be back! And thank goodness the medicine worked-for you and for us!

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