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May 28, 2008


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I agree. And I suggest buying it in waterproof. It's fab.


I'm with Robyn, I've been using it in waterproof and it really is the best I've used.


Cover Girl?
Who knew?
I must try it.
I will let you know if I believe too!


Bought It.

Tried It.

Loved It.

(Need to go with waterproof.)


Excellent! Thanks!


Really? Cause I bought it in the waterproof and to be honest it just doesn't do it for me. It gunks up on my lashes. I don't really care for the big barrel of a lash applicator. Maybe I'm not applying it right?

Happy Geek

But what if I don't wear mascara?
Should I get it just to make my purse a happier place?
Shoot, don't got one of those either.

Now what?:)


Have it. Love it, too!
Finally a mascara that comes with a coupon in the Sunday paper.

I will have to try the waterproof.

The orange tube leaves a lot to be desired, tho. I would love it in black.


Have it!! And I love it too!! I am picky about mascara, but this is the best one I have used in a long time.


I bought this a couple of weeks ago because my SEVEN YEAR OLD daughter needed makeup for her dance recital and I wasn't about to spend $20 bucks on mascara for a 7 year old. I loved it and couldn't believe how wonderfully it worked!


Too funny - I JUST bought this yesterday at Walgreens. It's great! I like it a lot!


I would have to agree 100%. I discovered this little gem a few months ago and haven't stopped using it since. I have even gotten comments on my eyelashes since using it. Who knew? Comments on eyelashes? It's turned me into the rock star of eyelashes in my community...Ok now I've gone too far.

Beachy Mimi

Hey! I bought some just last week after I saw a TV or print ad or something. Totally skeptical, planning on tossing it like so many others. I LOVE IT. Who knew?

jennifer gordon

Yahoo. I am buying some today! I had just bought some Mary Kay and it's the worst I've ever had!

Thanks for testin' it out!

The Roost

I use it now and love it.....the price too!

New Diva on the Blog

Can't wait to try it!!! Thanks for the tip!


I'm skeptical. I'm a devoted MAC user, though the idea of being able to buy it with a coupon is a definite plus...

faithful chick

Saw it on Oprah the other day and bought it the next day.

It is pretty awesome.

Headless Mom

I use a similar one in a(not fat) green tube. Love it! Although I would love it more if I could find a volumizing ANS lengthening formula. I guess you can't have it all.

I was just thinking this morning that it had been a while since our last installment of QBBQ...

Casa de Jules

I haven't tried this, but I believe my oldest just picked it up at Target. It's certainly attractive...;)


Is this not the most "wonderfumus" product you have ever tried!!!!! I even emailed the company as soon as I tried it and said it is about time someone (female) came up with a half decent brush. Just my humble opinion. Tam


It is good stuff my friend. I've been using it since it came out and I heart it.

The Roost

I agree great buy and wears good too.

Drama Mama

Bought it this weekend at the Wal Marts-
I was using Sephora Big Tease and that was good, but this is awesome at a fraction of the $$$!

Amy @ By His Grace

Oh my word...I can't wait to try it! Sounds like many out there are fans! Thanks for a great tip!

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