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May 14, 2008


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You are a good sport, Mama. I'm glad you and your camera survived the icy cold waters.
Does the King observe a lot of wild dolphins in Arkansas?


Yea, ummm, 300ft above the sea? Makes me question one's sanity.

Thank the Lord someone was needed to stay in the boat for documentation purposes. And nothing like punk teenagers trying to thwart the Queen's photo session.

And, btw, you mom is cracking me up. The dating stories are marvelous.

Heather @ Loving Our Homeschool

You are the coolest, bravest mom ever. I'm very scared of heights, and therefore, my children are not allowed to NOT be scared of heights. LOL

Of to read the QM's blog and get in some good laughs, I'm sure. :o)

The Roost

I am so proud of the princess! What fun!!!! Thank God for Daddy's & mom's camera.


Ooo, I TOLD you the water was pretty this time of the year! Chilly, but beautiful.
It's a catch 22 because now the water's gorgeous, but cold. In August, the water's warm, but the seaweed in the water will wrap around your ankles and drag you to a scary death. Especially if there has been a recent storm.
I think I'll take pretty and cold.




That is so cool! I have wanted to do that, but am way to big of a chicken. I am so glad that they had the chance.


I have a thing about heights...apparently my husband's GRANDmother does not!
She went parasailing...at the age of 75!!
Me? I'll stay in the boat and try to sabatoge the punky teenagers trying to sabatoge my photography, thankyouverymuch!


I love your vacation posts. That looked completely unreal. Awesomeness.


Your husband and daughter are WAY more brave than me. You couldn't pay me enough to fly that high in the sky out over the freezing cold ocean. I'd be with the QM sitting on a chair reading Cosmo. Way to be adventurous.




Go Princess Go!! Looks like a blast.
So glad everyone is having a good time.
Lovin the pictures!

Lisa @ The PW

Okay, you have to tell me what part of Florida you are in...We are going again this year but to a different area than usual..


I am glad you were able to take your burnt little body shopping. Retail therapy can help anything...even sunburn!
Parasailing... THE BEST! We did it last year in Mexico. My husband is afraid of heights. I was not too keen on the idea. He paid for it and told me I HAD to go. I am more than glad I did. It was really incredible. I got the best view of the beaches and resorts. I got really great photos up there too. I would not want you to try something you were terrified of, but if you are just a tensy, wensy bit interested... DO IT...it really is a lot of fun!


That is VERY cool. My daughter would have loved it too. Kudos to you for being so brave to let her do that! I would have been a little freaky about it, I think. But, to watch that joy would have been the best!
Thanks for sharing your vacation!

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