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May 19, 2008


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Would I be correct in assuming that miss GPS is now dead and buried and will never live again? Glad you made it home okay. Perhaps next year you might go to the mountains. They don't parasail there.


Your right, the QM didn't convey quite the same story... LOL
You didn't say just what variety of hybrid you got?? As far as the GPS goes... I LOVE my friend GyPSy (a TomTom-720) and couldn't have survived this move to a new area nor our hunt for a new house in the next county - Love her, Love her, LOVE her! I'm thinking you might need to check out the settings/preferences on your GPS - she might have been trying to get you off the highway (?tolls) because of the settings.
Glad to see you did make it home!


I don't like GPS, so I feel your pain on this one. I have never gotten the bug for it.

Silver spoons...young Ricky Schroeder...


I could use some GCS in my dash too. Lord, have mercy. You all certainly do know how to vacation.


Well God bless you all. What a trip. I somehow do not feel the need to ever parasail, no matter how tempting.

My mother and dad just came to my house via a Garmin, and they had to disagree with it about a shortcut I knew but apparently it didn't.

Queen Mother

So....GPS is dead to you now? I'm glad you made it home. If we had to totally depend on the GPS we would be somewhere different than here. We're using TomTom for going home.....which we won't be doing for TWO MORE WEEKS sorry I lost myself there for a moment.


Oh, that's like when we were traveling to Gulf Shores with my in-laws. They were in the lead, because they had the GPS and we were in the car behind them. As we were traveling down the road AT 70 MPH, my father-in-law proceeded to slam on his brakes in the middle of the highway, throwing all sorts of luggage, snacks, toys, etc. into the floor of the car and scaring us to death, because the GPS said turn left. There was no road left. There was ocean left. Sand and ocean. But all common sense left the car when the GPS was turned on.
We have a GPS. Actually, we have 2 of them - one for each car. I only use mine if I truly don't know where I'm going. My husband will program the grocery store in it. It has caused him to make several wrong turns, too. On a route he travels daily. Makes no sense.

Karen (Simply A Musing Blog)

I'm think I'm just getting too old for adventure...that sounds positively SCARY. Glad y'all made it out okay - Hattiesburg, Gulfport? What's a few hours?

Kelly @ Love Well

Personally, I think its fun to mess with the GPS. The faux-supportive tone she uses as she tries to redirect me to her preferred route makes me giggle.

But I'm evil like that.


I am freaking out right now. Can't get past the horror of the parasailing experience to commiserate with you on the GPS fiasco.

You did make it home eventually , right?

Such The Spot

Well now if that parasailing adventure wasn't the perfect ending to the perfect vacation then I don't know what is.


Perhaps a vacation from your vacation is in order?

Heather @ Loving Our Homeschool

I am so very sorry to hear about your camera!! And the hurler, ugh. I was completely grossed out by HIM after reading the QM's blog.

We use mapquest and paper maps. And sometimes have to drive in circles to get the compass (that shows up digitally) in the van to get back to working correctly. LOL I think we'll stick with those tricks for a while along with the GCS. :)

The (Almost) Amazing Mammarino

So sorry about your camera! I know, not drowning is better, but still . . .

I can't believe they didn't give you lifejackets!


Perhaps we leave our common sense on vacations, too. Seriously. I, too, have put my life in the hands of (often non-English speaking) teenage boys on vacations in the past. I almost always come away from the experience glad to be alive & wondering... "What in the hell was I thinking?!?!?" Like my 82-year old father is still fond of saying, "Anything fun is dangerous." Glad you all made it back alive!


I read your mom's post and are you sure she was with you? Cause her story seemed so mild, funny and there was less hurling. I'm glad you finally made it home.

Drama Mama

I was readin and I was like how in the heck did she end up in Gulfport? That's not right!
I'm gonna leave that parasailing up to someone else- not my thing at all! Now I know why!


I wondered what 80's sitcom was chosen - love Silver Spoons, great choice.

I used to rent two wheeled scooters to vacationers in Daytona Beach. Not even I would ride one of those death traps - but a lot of people rented them. We didn't lose a single customer, but they certainly tried.

My sister went parasailing - she had a wonderful time. I barely made it off the boat in one piece. I can relate to your parasailing adventure.

Oh goodness, I'm so thankful you are home. I always seem to love my home so much more those first few days back from vacation. Distance makes the heart grow fonder and all that...lol



Just please tell me you are all safely back home.
What a vacation you have had.
I am not sure I would ever want to go on another one.
Sorry I told you parasailing was so much fun.
My experience was very different than yours.
They sent cute guys to the shore on wave runners to pick us up and take us to the boat.
No flailing.
No hurling.
No need for a GPS.
Go shopping tomorrow...that should help!

Bahama Mama

I think I would have died on either of the swimming parts. Just because I live on the ocean doesn't mean I'm brave about it. We once used a friend's GPS when we were staying with them to go out to dinner about 15 minutes from their house. To go home we punch in the memorized route named "home" only to realize afer about 45 minutes that it was their home in DC (not the one in Georgia where we were staying). Needless to say we were very, very lost.

New Diva

Holy parasailing nightmare, Batman! Props to QM, although I'm sure she was regretting her "yes" every step of the way. Glad everyone is o.k.!

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